Pathway for k-5th grade

Elementary Program

Elementary Mission

Nurture comprehensive growth by improving communication skills, addressing academic disparities, and transferring acquired behavioral strategies to real-life community situations.

AIA’s elementary program is designed to focus on classroom readiness, communication improvement, and social skills. Classes are leveled by abilities and functioning level, allowing teachers to individualize instruction and close achievement gaps. In primary (K-2nd) classes, students benefit from a 3:1 student to teacher ratio and in intermediate classes (3rd-5th), a 4:1 student to teacher ratio.

Classes place a primary emphasis on introducing students to core subject matter while providing guidance in understanding the routines and standards of the school environment. Tailored educational approaches are incorporated to foster the development of social and behavioral skills. See below for elementary course offerings.

All curriculums are adapted to emphasize visual based learning to support student acquisition of standards and skills.

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Discovery Education

Visual-based science curriculum aligned with NGSS

ULS Science

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Touch Math

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Science of Reading

Guided Reading

Read Aloud aligned with ELA Standards

News 2 You!

Edmark Reading Program

I Can Read by Teddy Bear Press

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Social Learning

Zones of Regulation


Moxie – AI Companion to enhance social skills

Thinking about you, thinking about me.

Social Detective

pathway for 6th grade to 12th grade

AIA designed an innovative educational pathway program for middle and high school students. Pathways consist of two tracks that serve the various levels of the autism spectrum.  Pathways allows students to prepare for life outside of AIA by accessing developmentally appropriate classes and engaging in community-based instruction to build vocational skills. Click below to find further information on Pathways.

Pathway 1

A standard based program for students who are performing academically within 2-3 years of their grade level.

Pathway 1 Mission

Increase the number of people with disabilities obtaining trade school certifications and college degrees.

Pathway 1 students are placed on track to earn a standard high school diploma with standards-based curriculum differentiated for individualized student learning. In addition to in-house middle and high school courses, Autism Inspired expands course offerings by partnering with Florida Virtual School.  Students are exposed to a wide variety of credit classes, with the support of an on-site teacher to provide students with necessary accommodations. AIA is in the process of partnering with SPC and PTECH to offer dual enrollment courses that will lead to trade certifications and/or an associate’s degree.

Pathway 1 students participate in community-based instruction geared towards making a positive impact on society Students are given the opportunity to complete workforce electives, keyboarding, and coding courses to prepare for post-high school life in high interest careers. AIA’s collaboration with FLDOE’s vocational rehabilitation program ensures students have access to attain pre-employment skills. See below for Pathway 1 course offerings.

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Earth Science

Physical Science

Marine Science

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Middle School Adaptive Math

High School Adaptive Math

FLVS Algebra

FLVS Geometry

FLVS Liberal Arts Math

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Middle School ELA

Middle School ELA (Intensive)

Reading Intervention Class

High School ELA (Intensive)

American Literature

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FLVS Career and Technical Education Courses

Physical Education

Workforce Skills Courses

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American History (adaptive version available)

World History (adaptive version available)


American Government

Pathway 2

A modified academic program geared towards teaching workforce skills and life skills in a self-contained setting.

Pathway 2 Mission

Increase the employment rate of people with disabilities, specifically people with autism level 2 and 3.

Pathway 2 aims to develop workforce skills and increased independent functioning. AIA ensures a 5:1 student-to-teacher ratio to effectively assist students in acquiring practical academic skills. Highly skilled teachers employ research-validated curricula to equip students with the essential components necessary for future success. In a self-contained setting pathway 2 students embark on an enterprise journey, operating Shark Bites Café.  Students learn real-world skills necessary for workplace employment and career-readiness.

As Pathway 2 students master individualized goals, they join Pathway 1 students in social skill and workforce classes, strengthening the AIA community of learners. All Middle and High School students participate in community-based instruction geared towards making a positive impact on society.  AIA’s collaboration with FLDOE’s vocational rehabilitation program ensures students have access to attain pre-employment skills. See below for Pathway 2 course offerings. Click below to explore course offerings and curricula for Pathway 2 students.

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Unique Learning Systems

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Touch Math

Money Math

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News 2 You!

Verbalizing and Visualizing

Edmark Reading Program

Guided Reading Program

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Social Skills Class

Workforce Class

Enterprise Class



phillip r

Phillip R.


My son is blessed to attend this amazing school. The curriculum and teachers all give him the best chance at having a life of meaning, purpose, and joy - the school's mission! There are 54 families enrolled this year. Absolutely amazing because this school started as a summer camp and has touched so many family's lives in its first two years. Thank you AIA!!