Social & Emotional Development

At Autism Inspired Academy, we believe social skills are paramount to our students’ success in school and in life.  We tailor social skills programs at every level of Elementary, Pathway 1, and Pathway 2 education. Fostering friendships and a sense of belonging within the AIA community provides students opportunities to build self-esteem and a love of learning.

social skills
social and emotional development

All AIA faculty and staff focuses on social and emotional. We focus on the social and emotional development of our students in every aspect of their day, from academic lessons to Physical Education. We utilize the Zones of Regulation Curriculum to embed relevant concepts and strategies in daily curriculum to create a climate where all students can thrive.

Classrooms explicitly teach these universal practices to support students in their emotional growth. AIA educators are highly trained in the social and emotional pedagogy necessary for students to master social skills and learn to navigate real-life situations, building a foundation that will lead to a future of meaning, purpose, and joy.

Other programs utilized to teach behavior strategies and social skills are below:

  • Social Behavior Mapping

  • Social Detective

  • Thinking About Me, Thinking About You

  • Moxie

    AI robot that uses play-based conversational learning to support holistic skill development.

  • L.I.F.E System

    AIA’s own LifePoint Behavior Management system utilized specifically to foster the development of self-monitoring and self-regulation skills with Pathway 1 students.

Zones of Regulation

At Autism Inspired Academy, the Zones of Regulation curriculum stands as the cornerstone of our behavioral foundation, empowering students with invaluable self-regulation strategies and fostering self-awareness skills. Within the dynamic framework of the "Zones of Regulation," students embark on a journey of emotional exploration, learning to navigate their inner world with clarity and confidence.

Through a meticulously crafted series of lessons, students discover the intricate nuances of their emotions, identifying and understanding their feelings within distinct "zones" – each representing a unique state of being, from calm and focused to overwhelmed or agitated. Zones of Regulation serves as a unifying platform for educators and staff, fostering a shared language and methodology to support students throughout their educational journey.

With a common vocabulary in hand, teachers seamlessly integrate the principles of the "Zones of Regulation" into daily interactions, empowering students to process situations effectively and cultivate positive behaviors. At Autism Inspired Academy, the "Zones of Regulation" curriculum isn't just a tool – it's a transformative force, unlocking the potential of every student and creating a culture of understanding, empathy, and empowerment.



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This school has been essential for my child who is in middle school. He struggled in other schools that did not have the right strategies and supports. This is not the case at AIA. He has soared academically and has developed friendships within the school. His teachers have given him the support he needs to be a successful student.