Educational Philosophy

At Autism Inspired Academy, we aim to address the individual needs of each child socially, behaviorally, and academically. AIA strives to cultivate students’ confidence and knowledge, empowering them to authentically carry out lives of meaning, purpose, and joy.

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Creating and Embracing Positive Relationships

Our philosophy at AIA applies self-regulation skills and social skills development as the foundation of student growth. AIA is dedicated to creating and embracing positive relationships with students, families, communities, and therapeutic persons to help ensure success for all students.

  • Practical Pedagogy

    AIA practices a pedagogy that helps students navigate real-life situations and build a solid foundation that will lead to a life of meaning, purpose, and joy.

  • Behavior and Social Skill Development

    Teachers are trained to embed behavior and social skill content into every lesson throughout the school day.

  • Research Validated Curricula

    AIA utilizes research validated curricula that is geared towards visual based learners. A multi-faceted approach paired with differentiation ensures academic success.

  • Passionate, Dedicated Educators

    AIA is staffed with passionate educators dedicated to serving students with autism. Staff are skilled in the intricacies of autism to revolutionize the school experience for students and families.

  • Comprehensive Intake Process

    Our enrollment team utilizes a comprehensive intake process that looks at the whole child, to ensure students are placed in classrooms that best fit their needs.



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Student since 8/2020

What I love about AIA is all the teachers are nice, and they help us learn. Before this school I didn’t think I could do anything. Now I want to be a firefighter and I know I can do it.