Leaving the classroom to start a school: Teachers who made the move

teacher in classroom

Editor’s note: Michael Q. McShane, director of national research for EdChoice, and James Shuls, an EdChoice fellow and former dean of the College of Education at Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida, served recently as advisers on research conducted by Step Up For Students that culminated in a new report titled “How Can I Stay In It but Not Stay In It?” McShane and Shuls provide background on the report in this post that published in The 74. You can read the full report here.

Most conversations about school choice focus on students and families, and for good reason. School choice allows parents to choose the best educational opportunities for their children without having to make financial sacrifices for tuition or move to another district.

But there is another important group that benefits from school choice: teachers.

Recently, we served as advisers on research conducted by Florida’s Step Up For Students that explored what led a small, varied group of teachers to leave their posts in traditional public schools and strike out on their own to start new private schools. Leaving pay, pensions and the security of a public school job, they tapped into resources provided by Florida’s rich school choice environment to create new educational opportunities.

What these teachers had to say can shed light on ways to support further innovation in education.

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